Bedevil those Easter Eggs

Get cracking with Rita and Rosie’s Deviled Easter Eggs!  Of course, Rita’s have a splash of bitters — but wait! How about Rosie’s mashed potato deviled eggs? A combo of mashed potato flakes, cheddar and bacon bits. Think of warm twice-baked potatoes tucked into a deviled egg. Either way, both recipes are unique. Bitters adds an umami flavor of sorts, the way soy sauce or anchovy do — a sophisticated twist along with Romano cheese, Dijon mustard and cayenne.

Here are the recipes:  Rita’s Be-Deviled Eggs    Rosie’s Devil-ish Eggs

What do you do with all your Easter eggs?  Please share your tricks and tips with us; there are many ways to ‘peel an egg’!

Hard-cooked egg whys and hows

  1. Why hard-cooked not hard-boiled?  Because as this video explains, cook the eggs, don’t boil them. So simple it’s almost hilarious.
  2. Why is there a gray ring around the yolk? It’s a reaction between the sulfur in the white and iron in the yolk that at temperatures above 158F turn to ferrous sulfide. It’s only unsightly, not a bad egg. Too much chemistry?  Just don’t overcook! And, immediately dunk the hot cooked eggs in very cold water (ice water even). 
  3. Why are some eggs hard to peel? Usually because they are too fresh. There is a membrane that sticks to the shell of a fresh egg which pretty much calls off all bets on peeling. The longer past laying the egg is, the more chance for the egg to breath through the porous shell, so the membrane loosens and an airspace develops. You can speed up this process by leaving eggs at room temperature overnight (no they will not go bad). The more the eggs might go from refrigeration to non-refrigeration which could happen (but shouldn’t) during transportation and handling, the faster the breathing process happens.  So boil or scramble older eggs, fry or poach the freshest eggs before that air space develops and loosens the white.                           Disclaimer:  The pros* at Serious Eats Food Lab say, “Here’s the truth: There is no 100% Fool Proof method”.  The Food Lab also says that egg freshness is not the issue. (Rosie disagrees — as some of you know, she worked in the egg industry and with the California Egg Board many years ago and has plenty of egg-sperience!)  So, let us know your experience with this!
  4. How can I keep deviled eggs from slipping off the plate?
    1. First, after peeling, slice a very thin piece off the bottom of each half, just enough to make about a 1/2 inch flat area.
    2. Spread clover sprouts on the plate to make a non-slippery bed for the eggs.
    3. Place stuffed eggs on an ‘egg plate’ with divots but those usually don’t hold very many eggs.

Prior to founding, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt worked at America’s Test Kitchen — well-known for its detailed kitchen testing. He has also worked in restaurants, giving him a wide-range of experience and credibility.

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